Rachel a year ago…meltdown city

Maddow Meltdown

She was just so doggone sure of it. There’s world class political seer Rachel Maddow assuring her viewers before the 2016 election of this:  “Because the new electoral map just out from NBC News based on current polling…and one big problem…for Donald Trump…”……well….there were a lot of big problems according

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Rachel Doubles Down on Crazy

Rachel Maddow is crazy

Rachel Maddow had dug herself a hole. So she did the logical thing in Rachel Conspiracy Land: She got another shovel to keep on digging. What startles is that for the second time the left-leaning Huffington Post has called her out – again – on her Trump and Niger conspiracy theory. (Rachel

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Rachel and the Dossier

Rachel Maddow

You could cut the irony with a knife its so thick. The date: October 6th. And here’s the headline from, yes, Fox, about Rachel Maddow’s show the day before, October 5th.  On busy news day, MSNBC’s Maddow harps on Trump dossier “The first two paragraphs reported the story this way:

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