Maddow and The 1st Amendment: She Likes It Except When She Doesn’t

So Rachel Maddow walks into a bar and…

Oops! Sorry. Make that Rachel Maddow walks onto the set of NBC’s “Late Night With Seth Meyers.” And says the following:

“I think it’s a dangerous time for the First Amendment and for the free press in this country.”

Amazing. Rachel finally gets around to upbraiding the Obama White House for its attacks on Fox News and using the Department of Justice for spying on Fox News reporter James Rosen. Even more incredible she launches on Media Matters for its relentless attempts to bully and try and shut down those who advertise on talk radio and various Fox shows, thus shutting down the shows themselves.

Oh wait. That’s not what Rachel did. No, the Obama-era attacks on Fox and Rosen, and the Media Matters campaign to effectively shut down all of conservative talk radio plus Fox were apparently OK with her. No, the real enemy of the First Amendment according to Rachel Maddow is – President Trump.

Apparently the notion that the First Amendment applies to presidents too is something that has escaped Rachel’s notice.

In 2011, Rachel had her show focus on the free speech movement at Berkeley.  This being 2011 -aka in the Obama era – she was actually celebrating the original free speech movement that blossomed in 1964 when leftist activist Mario Savio led the charge for free speech on the Berkeley campus. Fast forward to 2017 when Berkeley has become the very symbol of the anti-free speech movement and….silence from Rachel.

The real problem here is that Rachel Maddow’s view of the First Amendment is dangerously situational. Her view in short: “The First Amendment is for me but only sometimes for thee.”

This is typical Left-wingism. In fact, this Maddow less-than-supportive view of free speech is on display everywhere the Left rules the roost, from academia to Hollywood to the mainstream media. When Ann Coulter or Ben Shapiro or Charles Murray are set to appear at Berkeley or some other university or college setting today in the Trump-era all hell breaks loose, with violence from masked Antifa hoodlums or others shutting down the event – Rachel shrugs. At Vermont’s Middlebury College conservative Charles Murray was not just shut down in his attempt to deliver a speech he was physically assaulted. Not a peep in defense of Murray’s free speech from Maddow.

Nor is Media Matters and its bullying of concern to Rachel and her fellow left-wingers — for a very simple reason: they agree with the stated goals of knocking conservative radio and television hosts and personalities off the air, period. Thus when the Obama White House launched the White House press apparatus to shut out Fox News or used the Justice Department to go after James Rosen all of this elicited not a shred of concern from Maddow.

So let’s go back to Rachel’s conversation with Seth Matters.  She said:

“I think it’s a dangerous time for the First Amendment and for the free press in this country.”

Yes, Rachel it is a dangerous time for the First Amendment and for the free press in this country. And the reason is that for you, Rachel, – as with the American Left in general – they are situational.

Not good.