Rachel Maddow’s Conspiracy Theory Addiction

Rachel Maddow: Conspiracy Theorist

There are just so many conspiracies out there that its a wonder Rachel Maddow isn’t given a 24/7 show to squeeze them all in.

Rachel’s bent for conspiracy – you might even call it an addiction – is so pronounced one wonders how she even gets through the day.

Here’s a – brief – list of her favorite conspiracies:

Conspiracy Theory: Trump and Niger. In the words of the liberal Huffington Post, which itself was so astonished at this particular conspiracy theory it felt compelled to call Rachel out: “Maddow’s segment was designed to strongly suggest, without outright stating, that Trump’s addition of Chad in his latest travel ban prompted the country to remove its troops from Niger, leading to an increase in extremist attacks and ultimately claiming the lives of four U.S. soldiers.” The HuffPo goes on to say flatly that this was false.

Conspiracy Theory: Forged NSA Documents. In this beaut delivered on her July 6th show Rachel was whispering that somebody out there – some mysterious we-don’t-know-who-but-he’s-out-there – was shopping phony classified National Security Agency documents to the media. Why? Why to make the mainstream media look bad when they report them, of course. Rachel admitted that “…the story gets a little bit crazy.” Even leftist Glenn Greenwald was appalled at this one, dismissing it by saying https://theintercept.com/2017/07/07/rachel-maddows-exclusive-scoop-about-a-fake-nsa-document-raises-several-key-questions/ it was “an utter fabrication.”

Conspiracy Theory: “What if Putin planned the Syrian chemical attack to help Trump?” That’s the direct quote from this Washington Post story that focused on Maddow and fellow MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell, the latter who posited the question with Maddow nodding and smiling in response. The Post reported it this way:

“Wouldn’t it be nice,” O’Donnell asked a nodding, smiling Rachel Maddow, “if it was just completely, totally, absolutely impossible to suspect that Vladimir Putin orchestrated what happened in Syria this week — so that his friend in the White House could have a big night with missiles and all the praises he’s picked up over the past 24 hours?”

Conspiracy Theory: Russia, Russia, Russia and Trump, Trump, Trump.
Over at Paste magazine the headline at the left-leaning site was:

Rachel Maddow Is Lost in Her Cold War Conspiracies

The article notes that:

“With a single exception, Maddow led off every episode of her show in March with an extended, conspiratorial update for her viewers on the alleged connections between Russia and the Trump administration. Maddow’s monologues focused on the Russian oligarchic state and the authoritarian rule of President Vladimir Putin.”

The author even went on to list the number of times Russia would get a mention in a single Maddow show. On March ? 71 Russia mentions in one show. March 14: 19 times. March 17: 51 times.

And on…and on. And on.

Conspiracy Theory: Anthony Weiner’s Computer Was Hacked. This one takes the cake. Recall a New York Congressman Anthony Weiner? It appears that sometime back it came to light that he was sending pictures of his naked…ahhh…ahhhh….well, you know. To a minor. Rachel’s reaction?

Rachel invited Weiner himself on her show to spin the conspiracy yarn that his computer was hacked. “People get hacked all the time” he says. Rachel ate it up, noting it was great that Weiner has “hired a firm to get to the bottom of this.” This conspiracy crashed and burned when Weiner was recently sentenced to start a prison sentence on November 6th for being a sex offender.

There are more Rachel conspiracy theories out there. She is using her air time to fill the Internet with them. So many, many of them.

You might be forgiven for thinking this is crazy stuff. You would be right. In Rachel’s case? It’s also an addiction. Not good.