Rachel producer double-standard for Trump/Schumer

Steve Benen
Steve Benen

It’s always a game with these people, and sadly the latest game was immediately joined by Rachel Maddow producer Steve Benen.

On a Maddow-show web site at MSNBC Benen posted this: 

Following New York attack, Trump flunks another leadership test

Wrote Rachel’s producer: 

“In the immediate aftermath of the suspected terrorist incident in New York yesterday afternoon, Donald Trump tweeted a series of clumsy but inoffensive messages. “My thoughts, condolences and prayers to the victims and families of the New York City terrorist attack,” the president said at one point. “God and your country are with you!”

Trump did not, however, wait long before following his worst instincts.

President Donald Trump said Wednesday that the Uzbek immigrant suspected of murdering eight people in New York City with a rental truck entered the U.S. through the “Diversity Visa Lottery Program” and the president charged Sen. Chuck Schumer and Democrats had loosened the nation’s borders.

Trump did not provide any supporting evidence for the claim about the visa program, which was being discussed on the morning TV program “Fox and Friends” that the president indicated in his tweets that he was watching.

“The terrorist came into our country through what is called the ‘Diversity Visa Lottery Program,’ a Chuck Schumer beauty. I want merit based,” Trump tweeted.”

This was too much for producer Benen. He ended by saying: 

“Instead of focusing on what matters, the president looks for ways to gain political advantage in the wake of bloodshed, hoping to exploit attacks in ways that help him and his agenda, rather than help bring people together.

Incidents like these offer leadership tests, which Trump continues to fail spectacularly.”

Notice anything missing? How about this from New York Senator Schumer, the Senate Democratic Leader, when the incident involved was the Las Vegas shooting.

As The Hill reported less than 24-hours had passed since the Sunday night shooting before the website was headlining this: 

Schumer: Congress must ‘pass laws to keep our citizens safe’ after Vegas 

That’s right, a full day had not even passed before Schumer was on the floor of the Senate politicizing away, demanding – what else – more gun control. The action required, said Schumer,  “starts with laws that help prevent guns, especially the most dangerous guns, from falling into the wrong hands.” The Hill reported: 

“How did this monster acquire the arsenal he used to rain down death on a crowd of innocents? Were those guns purchased and compiled illegally?” Schumer asked. “Some [questions] will have answers, and we’ll have to reckon with the fact that this man was able to assemble an arsenal of military-grade weapons.”

And where was Rachel’s producer? Certainly he wasn’t writing this kind of headline: 

Following Las Vegas attack, Schumer flunks another leadership test

That headline never appeared on the Maddow website, much less any kind of story that a US Senator waiting less than 24 hours to politicize a shooting that killed almost 60 people and wounded more than 500 was “flunking a leadership test.”

Why the bright line double standard? Perhaps because Rachel’s conspiratorial-minded show is flunking a media leadership test? 

Maybe, just maybe, this kind of conspiracy TV with such blatant double standards has something to do with a story like this: 

Hannity Most Watched on Cable in October, Beats MSNBC’s Maddow