Maddow: Trump Kids Like Saddam Sons Uday And Qusay

“We never thought of ourselves as a country where, like, Uday and Qusay get to be ministers of whatever they want — right? We don’t think of ourselves as a ruling family kind of place; but now — now, that’s what we are. ”

So mused Rachel Maddow earlier this year, comparing the Trump offspring – sons Don and Eric, daughter Ivanka and son-in-law Jared Kushner to, yes indeed, the infamous sons of Saddam Hussein. Really? Really?

Here is a description of Uday Hussein from the UK Guardian.

The headline:  Uday: Career of Rape, Torture and Murder

The story says in part:

“He was a monster even by the standards of Saddam Hussein’s Iraq, a sadist with a taste for cruelty so extreme that even his father was forced to acknowledge that his first-born son would not be a worthy heir.

…Of Saddam’s two sons, he was the flamboyant one – towering well over 6ft, with a penchant for fast cars and loud and drunken parties, expensive suits and flowing robes, as well as murder, rape and torture.”

Time magazine took a look at the Hussein brothers after the fall of Saddam and wrote this.

The Sum of Two Evils

Of Uday, Time wrote of his penchant for raping fourteen year old girls and murder. Of Qusay the magazine noted this:

Saddam sons Uday and Qusay
Saddam sons Uday and Qusay
“An eyewitness recalls watching Qusay, dressed in gray trousers and a blue jacket, arrive in Suera, where armed guards herded 300 Shi’ite detainees onto a field. The President’s son, dangling a pistol in his right hand, walked up to the men and shot four of them in the head, according to a military officer at the scene. As he pulled the trigger, Qusay screamed out, ‘Bad people! Dirty criminals!’ Qusay then ordered the execution of the remaining prisoners, got into his car and drove back to Baghdad.”

Sounds exactly like the Trump kids, no? You recall all those stories of how the Trump off-spring ran around Manhattan murdering, raping and torturing. Not.

The actually legitimate comparison to the Trump family in the White House is the Kennedy family when JFK was president. Brother Bobby – then the age Jared Kushner is now, was appointed Attorney General of the United States. RFK had never practiced law a day in his life but had been a Senate investigator. In 1962, barely making the age requirement in the Constitution, the Kennedy’s ran youngest brother Teddy for Jack’s old Senate seat. He won – and would remain there the rest of his life. And don’t forget Kennedy brother-in-law Sargent Shriver, plucked from his role of head of the family owned Chicago Merchandise to become the first director of the brand new Peace Corps.

In the day America was in love with the Kennedy family, although brother Bobby was immensely unpopular with segregationists and corrupt union bosses. Today the Justice Department headquarters on Washington’s Pennsylvania Avenue is named for him.

With no complaints from Rachel about a building named for presidential brother Bobby complaints, much less no comparisons of JFK’s siblings to the sons of Saddam Hussein. Come to think of it, Rachel seemed perfectly happy that Hillary Clinton had her own West Wing office during the Clinton presidency, from where she had charge of what was known in the day as the effort to pass “HillaryCare” – the bumbled predecessor to ObamaCare.

Apparently when its all in the family for Kennedys and Clintons Rachel has no problems. Only with the Trumps.

Which tells you everything you need to know.