Rachel’s Double Standard for Clinton, Trump Legal Fees

Never fear, Rachel is on the trail.

Or actually, maybe just laugh?

There she is all bothered by just who and how are paying for Trump lawyers in the bogus Russia investigation.

And while she’s at it she has gone after Vice President Mike Pence for paying his own legal fees in the same bogus investigation.

Strangely? Rachel seemed not to care in the least when the very same subject of paying legal bills came up for …you got it. That would be Bill and Hillary Clinton.

Take a look at this story from 2014 in the Washington Examiner by Paul Bedard.  Bedard’s headline:

Friends gave Clintons $10 million to pay debts — and they still stiffed lawyers for years

“When Bill and Hillary Clinton left the White House, donors had covered all but $3.9 million of their still growing scandal legal bill — easily covered by her 2000 $4 million book advance — but they didn’t pay off their lawyers for years.

Using two legal defense funds that raised about $10 million while Clinton was president, the former first couple got donors including author Stephen King, actor Robert DeNiro, singer Tony Bennett and Black Entertainment Television founder Robert L. Johnson to give up to $10,000 each.

Even taxpayers eventually coughed up $85,000 for lawyers handling a long list of scandals including Whitewater, impeachment and the Monica Lewinsky sex affair. Clinton had asked the government to cover $3.5 million, but a court cut it to $85,000.”

So the former President and then current Senator from New York and future presidential candidate and Secretary of State had not one but two legal defense funds that raised $10 million “while Clinton was president” – plus $85,000 of taxpayer money for their lawyers.

And Rachel on all of this? No big deal.

All of which tells you everything you need to know about how Rachel plays her double-standards game: Hard, fast and hoping you won’t notice.

Oops! You just did!